Lost Pines Habitat Conservation
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Cari Croft
LPHCP Administrator
(512) 332-7284

In April 2008 Bastrop County was issued an “Endangered Species Incidental Take Permit” from the United States Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) that covers approximately 124,000 acres of known and potential Houston toad habitat within the county.  This permit, with its associated Lost Pines Habitat Conservation Plan (LPHCP), offers a simplified process for obtaining authorization for incidental take under section 10(a)(1)(b) of the Endangered Species Act (ESA) for a variety of activities and provides regulatory certainty for local landowners and other community interests.
The permit allows Bastrop County to issue certificates of participation to landowners for harming the toad or its habitat while engaging in legal land development, agricultural or forestry practices, wildlife management, and certain other land-use activities.  Landowners can voluntarily participate in the county’s LPHCP in a variety of ways.  Whether building a new home or business, developing a subdivision, or simply continuing with existing land-use activities, participation in the LPHCP provides the coverage necessary to ensure compliance with the ESA.

The basic foundation of the LPHCP is that humans can coexist with the Houston toad.  In fact, the long term preservation, restoration, enhancement, and management of toad habitat in Bastrop County is dependent on private landowners because the vast majority of known and potential habitat exists on private property.