Forest Management
To participate in the LPHCP for forest management, landowners must complete a Forest Management Notice of Intent application.  After application approval, a Forest Management Notice of Receipt (NOR) is issued.  NORs require annual re-application.

The Texas Forestry Best Management Practices address practices related to management planning, road construction and maintenance, timber harvesting, site preparation, planting, prescribed burning, chemical applications, and the use of Water Management Zones (WMZs).  Due to the importance of WMZs, forestry practices within these areas are restricted to lessen the disturbance on these habitat sites.

The following forest management practices may not be implemented during the breeding and emergence period of the Houston toad (January 1 through June 30):
  • Road construction and maintenance
  • Site preparation for planting
  • Timber harvesting within 300 feet of any WMZ
  • Prescribed burning and making preparations for prescribed burns
Application Process
To participate in the county’s LPHCP for forest management activities and receive a Notice of Receipt (NOR) for Forest Management, landowners:
  1. Complete a Forest Management Notice of Intent application that includes:
    1. A complete copy of an unexpired Forest Management Plan that was approved by the Texas Forest Service and that complies with the Forest Management Guidelines in Appendix E to the LPHCP.
    2. A map of the property showing the location of all water features and WMZs.
  2. Pay the application fee.
    1. $100 for the initial application
    2. $20 for the renewal application each uninterrupted year

Download Forest Management Notice of Intent Application