Agricultural Management
To participate in the LPHCP for agricultural management, landowners must complete a Notice of Intent application and agree to comply with the Agricultural Management Guidelines.  After application approval, a Notice of Receipt (NOR) is issued.  NORs require annual re-application.

Some existing agricultural land uses provide habitat for the Houston toad and others do not.  Cropland, improved pastureland and existing hayland are not considered habitat for the Houston toad.  Native grazing lands - rangeland, grazable woodland, and native pasture - are considered Houston toad habitat.
  The conversion or removal of native vegetation communities is prohibited under the LPHCP and may be a violation of the ESA.
Regardless of the type of agricultural activity that took place on the land prior to approval of the Houston toad.   Not covered, however, are impacts to toad habitat as a result of the conversion of native vegetation communities to intensive agricultural uses, which include the creation of new crop fields, seeding native grasslands with sod grasses, clearing woodlands or overstocking grazing/stocking to levels not consistent with the guidelines of the Natural Resources Conservation Service.  In other words, coverage through the LPHCP may be obtained for agricultural uses in existence prior to April 21, 2008, but coverage will NOT be extended to lands converted to agricultural uses after that date.  Landowners wishing to convert native vegetation communities to intensive agricultural uses must consult individually with the US Fish and Wildlife Service to avoid the potential for penalties.
Application Process
To participate in the county’s LPHCP for agricultural management activities and receive a Notice of Receipt (NOR) for Agricultural Management, landowners:
  1. Complete an Agricultural Management Notice of Intent application that includes:
    1. A map of the property showing the location of all water features and WMZs.
  2. Pay the application fee.
    1. $100 for the initial application
    2. $20 for the annual renewal application each uninterrupted year

Download Agricultural Management Notice of Intent Application