Justice of the Peace, Precinct 1
Received a Ticket/Citation?





(Has it been filed into our Court by the officer?)


  • PLEASE NOTE: If after using the instructions below, your violation is not showing up as reported to our Court, please understand that the Court will be extending your “Appearance Date”. The Appearance Date that is listed on your citation is not valid if your citation has not yet been filed into the Court by the officer. A new Appearance Date (also known as  your decision on how to take care of the ticket Due Date) will be generated by the Court if your case is not showing in the system. We cannot generate a new Appearance Date until the case is filed into the Court by the Officer.
    If after using the instructions below, your citation is not shown as filed into the Court, follow up weekly using these instructions. If your case does not show in the system 2 days prior to your “original Appearance Date”, then feel free to call our Court. **Remember: The original Appearance Date on your citation will be extended if the citation is not filed into the Court in a timely manner by the officer.

  • Click HERE to access Criminal Case Records (this is the link to: http://records.co.bastrop.tx.us/PublicAccess/default.aspx)

    • Change the “Search By:” field to Citation

    • Enter your citation number exactly as it is shown on your ticket.

    • When the result appears, click on the blue “Case Number” shown on the left hand side.

    • This will bring you to the case details. 

  • PLEASE NOTE: If by entering in the citation number and no result is found, then do a secondary search by:

    • Go back on your Browser to bring you to the search screen again.

    • Change in the “Search By:” field to Defendant.

    • Enter your personal information as it is shown on the citation and click Search. Only enter information in the Party Information and Date of Birth fields.

    • If a result occurs, click on the Case # on the left side.

  • PLEASE ENSURE you have read your options listed on the Plea Sheet (also under forms) prior to making any payments.   See PLEA SHEET OPTIONS below for more information.






  • Click here to view your Plea Sheet. Your plea cannot be submitted to the Court without it being filed into the Court.  Use instructions above to see if it has been filed.  With any option you choose, write a CURRENT MAILING ADDRESS on the form.


      • If you wish to plead Not Guilty to the offense you are being charged with, complete the section ‘Trial Request’ and choose either Trial by Judge or Trial by Jury.  Ensure your CURRENT mailing address is shown.  If you mail the plea sheet to the Court, it will need to be notarized.  You then will be scheduled for a Pre-trial at a future date/time.  If you do not receive a letter back from the Court within a month, then call the court at 512-581-4258 to check the status.


      • If you wish to plead Guilty or No Contest and request to take the DRIVER SAFETY COURSE, then complete the section ‘Driver Safety Course’ and return the plea sheet either in person or by mail to the Court.  Ensure you have included all the required items listed with your Plea sheet.  If you mail the plea sheet to the Court, it will need to be notarized.   Once the request is received, it will be presented to Judge Allen for approval.  A letter will be sent back to you with further instructions.  If you fail to abide by what is approved by the Court, your plea originally submitted will stand and not dismissed.

        • More Information about the Driver Safety Course:

          • The following could make you ineligible to take a Driver Safety Course for ticket dismissal:

            • You hold a Commercial Drivers License (CDL)

            • You completed a court-ordered driver safety course within the 12 months preceding the date of the offense for another ticket.

            • You do not have a valid Texas Drivers License.

            • You were charged with speeding in excess of 25 mph over the posted speed limit.

            • Committed an offense in a construction zone when workers were present.

            • Passing a school bus while loading or unloading children.

            • You were cited for failure to provide evidence of financial responsibility (proof of insurance).

        • If you are under 25 years of Age, you must take the Alive at 25 Course.  The Court will inform you of this in the response letter with further details.


      • If you wish to plead Guilty or No Contest and pay the fine in FULL, you can pay online using this link, Payments or mail in/bring to the court a cashier check or money order.  Ensure your case # is written on the payment.


      • If you wish to plead Guilty or No Contest and request a payment plant, write a letter to the court with your Plea, current mailing address, telephone number and statement of wanting a payment plan.  BY REQUESTING A PAYMENT PLAN, YOU ARE AGREEING TO A ONE-TIME PAYMENT PROCESSING FEE OF $15.00 WILL BE ADDED TO THE BALANCE DUE.  Mail this request into the Court or personally bring it by.  Indigent/Payment Plan paperwork will need to be completed at some point directed by Court staff.