Justice of the Peace, Precinct 1
E-File for Civil Cases


E-Filing Information and Instructions for filing your case online.

 Bastrop County Justice of the Peace Precinct One; Court of Honorable Cedelia Allen

Will start accepting E-file on 12/14/2020

What is E-Filing?  E-filing is an electronic filing system that allows registered user to file documents with the court anywhere 24-hours-a-day, seven-days a week.    You can locate an Electronic Filing Service Provider (EFSP) that is approved by visiting https://www.efiletexas.gov/service-providers.htm   

What is E-File Texas Self-Help?  E-File Texas Self-Help program  is a program designed to help a plaintiff that is not an attorney maneuver through the needed information to generate the necessary forms for initiating a cause for action.  Both Pro-Se Plaintiffs and attorneys can E-File.  E-File Texas Self Help is here to assist Pro-Se plaintiff’s.  The user will be guided through tutorials of questions and then at the end will answers are populated to a form that can either be electronically filed or printed and filed at the court window (during normal business hours).

What is the E-file Support direct contact information?  To contact Tyler Technologies directly to technical support with E-filing, you can reach them at 800-297-5377 or efiling.support@tylertech.com

Bastrop County Justice of the Peace Precinct One Internal Filing Specifics for E-Filing Civil Cases:

  1. All parties are to have a mailing address entered for the specific party; if a Plaintiff is being represented by an attorney, our Court still requires an actual mailing address for the Plaintiff.

  2. Service fees for citations will not be paid through E-Filing.  The clerk of the Court, if/when a filing is accepted, will hold the filing for no more than  30 days for all other Civil matters to receive the proper service fee in the form of a company check, cashier check or money order.  (Evictions are not accepted via E-File at this time). The Service fees will either need to be hand delivered to the Court (803 Pine Street, Bastrop, Texas, 78602) or mailed by your delivery service of choice to the Court (P.O. Box 336, Bastrop, Texas, 78602).  When providing a service fee to the Court, please be sure to include your Envelope #/Receipt #/Filing # generated when your file was accepted by the Court through E-Filing.  If a service fee is not received into the Court in the timely manner, then the case will be set for Dismissal Docket.

  3. When filing multiple documents:  Filer must enter separate documents by adding another filing.  This is noted on the top left where it states “Add Another Filing”.  Do not file multiple attachments to one filing code.  If done under multiple documents on one attachment, this will be subject to the E-file being rejected. 

  4. Requests and proposed orders for the issuance of citations, writs or notice’s must be a single filing with the cover letter as the lead document.  Writ filing fees are to be paid with the E-filing request and the Writ service fee will not be paid through E-Filing.  See above on #2 for instructions to send the Writ Service fee.

  5. All documents must be electronically signed and must include a proper conformed signature.  Signatures accepted by BCJP1 are as “/s/” and name typed in the space where the signature would appear OR an electronic image or scanned image of a signature or handwritten signature.  If it is imaged, then it is the filer’s responsibility to have on file the approval to use such signature. 

  6. Documents loaded to the E-file request for processing must be readable.  If for any reason a document or a part of a document is not readable by the clerk, this warrants a rejection of the filing.

  7. Any and all documents may not contain security restrictions.

  8. As a reminder of #3 noted above, documents may not contain multiple pleadings in the same document.  This will warrant a rejection by the clerk upon reviewing.

  9. If you cannot find a “Filing Code” for a document you are trying to submit, then choose the closest relevant document.

  10. It is the filer’s responsibility to file in the proper court. 

  11. If you have any questions as to why a filing was rejected and not accepted by the Court and a reason was NOT provided in the E-filing submission sent back to you, then you can email naomi.gonzales@co.bastrop.tx.us  Please keep in mind that if you are a first time filer, or even new to E-filing with BCJP1 and have E-files elsewhere before, there will be learning curves.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to Naomi by the email address above with your questions.

  12. A clerk of the Court will be reviewing your submitted documents within 24-48 hours.  You will receive a communication after it is reviewed on whether it is accepted or rejected.  Please be sure to look for any comments on the communication as to why it may have been rejected.  It is the filer’s responsibility to correct the document, information or step and re-file it as quickly as possible.  The filed date is only considered FILED once the filing is accepted by the Court.