Justice of the Peace, Precinct 1
In Person Payments accepted: EXACT Cash (we CANNOT make change), Credit Card ((No American Express) there will be a 2.39% interest fee charged at the window for CC payments), Money Order, Cashier Check, Business checks IF the business making the payment matches the party listed on the case.  You may pay your fine or fee in person at the Justice of the Peace, Pct. 1 office located at 803 Pine Street, Bastrop, Texas 78602.


By Mail Payments accepted:  Money orders, cashier checks, Business checks IF the business making the payment matches the party listed on the case.  To make payments by mail, make payable to: Justice of the Peace, Pct #1, P.O. Box 336, Bastrop, Texas, 78602


Online Payments accepted: EFile payments for CIVIL matters/submissions only,  and then online via EZNet (link below that states "Click here to make payment online" (EZNet will charge you $3.00 per every $100 paid)).  When paid online through EZNet, our office will receive a report the next business day.  If the amount you paid to EZNet matches what is due in the system, then we will apply it to the case in our system.  If we need to refund you the payment for wrong amount, case not filed, etc....then you will receive a refund back to your account/card within a few business days (depends on your financial institution's policy).  In order to process your request, the provider/court must have: Name of the Court (JP #1), Docket or Citation #, Phone #, Amount of Payment and Credit Card Information.  Please retain your confirmation number for future reference.

**If you are making a payment with credit card online using the link below with your Guilty/No Contest plea and it was for not having a driver's license, then enter in all zeros and enter the state of Texas**


Click here to make payment online



For criminal matters when sentencing is made by the Judge/court:
What is the expectation?

The State of Texas expects that all fines and fees are to be paid on the day of sentencing. For information on how to pay your fine, see Payment of Fines and Fees.

What if I cannot pay my fines in full on that day?

The Court understands that not everyone is able to pay their fine in full at on the same day, and has implemented a process to assist those who believe they are unable to do so. If you believe you need additional time to pay your fines in full, you may apply to the Court for extended 30 day agreement.  But all court cost are due up front.   If you are indigent, you may fill out paperwork.   There are guidelines and you  must contact the court for the paperwork.
Criminal Indigent OR Request Form 0601022  (Click here to download and print the Indigent/Payment Plan request form as you deem necessary)

Art. 45.0491.  WAIVER OF PAYMENT OF FINES AND COSTS FOR INDIGENT DEFENDANTS.  A municipal court, regardless of whether the court is a court of record, or a justice court may waive payment of a fine or costs imposed on a defendant who defaults in payment if the court determines that:

(1)  the defendant is indigent; and

(2)  discharging the fine and costs under Article 45.049 would impose an undue hardship on the defendant.
Art. 45.049. COMMUNITY SERVICE IN SATISFACTION OF FINE OR COSTS.  (a)  A justice or judge may require a defendant who fails to pay a previously assessed fine or costs, or who is determined by the court to have insufficient resources or income to pay a fine or costs, to discharge all or part of the fine or costs by performing community service.  A defendant may discharge an obligation to perform community service under this article by paying at any time the fine and costs assessed.

PLEASE NOTE: Your fine is not a debt, and you will not be "billed" by the Court for each payment. Payments are your responsibility, and failure to comply with all obligations to the court will result in further sanctions.