Responsible Pet Care
Do I really need to vaccinate my pet?
Yes!! Pets really do need to be vaccinated in order to stay healthy. For dogs, parvo virus, distemper and leptospirosis are in the environment. These diseases are expensive and difficult to treat and often fatal, especially in young animals. Cats also need the protection given by vaccinating. Once symptoms appear, rabies is fatal to animals and people. Because of the serious health threat to people, rabies vaccines are required for pets by law.
When should I vaccinate my pet?
Pets need a series of vaccines to develop immunity. Puppies and kittens can start at between 6-8 weeks of age with boosters at 12 and 16 weeks. After the first series vaccines are done yearly. The first rabies vaccine is usually given at 16 weeks and repeated after the first year. After the first year, a three year rabies vaccine can be given. Talk a veterinarian to learn more about vaccinating your dog and cat.
What is the benefit of spaying or neutering my pet?
There are many significant benefits to spaying and neutering ("fixing") your pets. As the owner of a "fixed" animal you will benefit from decreased costs for situations such as caring for a unintended litters, potential health complications due to pregnancy and the elimination of certain conditions and even cancers. Fixed pets live longer lives and are less likely to have behavioral issues such as territorial marking and aggression. Most dog bites involve unaltered animals. They are also less likely to wander from home and at risk for becoming lost or hit by cars in the street. Having pets spayed or neutered as early as possible offers the most health and behavioral benefits.
When should I have my pet Spayed or Neutered?
There are different opinions about what age is the best to spay and neuter young animals. If your pet is grown, the time to spay or neuter is now! Kittens can go into season and become pregnant as young as 4 months and puppies can go into season and become pregnant as young as 6 months. For this reason, it is best to schedule the surgery when the last puppy and kitten shots are given. Spaying and neutering by at least 5 months of age ensures that no accidental litters are born to young, unaltered animals. Emancipet of Austin provides affordable spay and neuter surgeries and holds mobile clinic services monthly in Bastrop and quarterly in Elgin and Smithville.

For spay and neuter services, contact our partners Save an Angel. Website can be reached by clicking the image above.