Interested in Adopting?
Please look through our list of available animals below.  If you find one you are interested in, please be sure to have the animals name on hand before calling so we can help you find out more information on the pet. Please contact the shelter to check on status and availability. The cost to adopt an animal is $35. Once you have found the animal you are wanting to adopt, please click on the photo of the animal to fill out an application online. If you would prefer a paper application, please come to the shelter to fill one out.  Some animals are in Foster Care and not at the shelter.  If you see this on the animals profile, please fill out an application and we will forward it to the foster parents and they will contact you ASAP.  Thank You!


Click on the Animal's Photo to Apply for Adoption


Looking for your lost animal?

You are encouraged to come to the shelter to see if your animal is here at the shelter.
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This page is powered by Shelterluv. Learn more www.shelterluv.com
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You can click below to use Petco Love Lost to search all dogs in the surrounding areas.

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