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Property subdivision is the division of any lot, tract, or parcel of land into two or more lots or sites for the purpose of transferring ownership or development, whether immediate or future, including the re-subdivision of land for which a plat has been filed and recorded. Subdivision is regulated by Texas state law and local regulations. Bastrop County reviews proposed land divisions to ensure compliance with state law, protect the health safety and welfare of our citizens, and to enhance property values and quality of life.

The Subdividing Your Property Brochure provides additional information.


Within the limits of an incorporated city, the municipality is responsible for the regulation of subdivision.  Authority for regulation of platting in an Extra-territorial Jurisdiction (ETJ) is prescribed by local agreement.  A map showing platting authority within Bastrop County can be found at this link.


A Developer’s Platting, Engineering and Construction Checklist based on Bastrop County Subdivision Regulations can be reviewed here Developers Pre-Application Subdivision Regulations Checklist.xlsx.


Interlocal Agreements Regarding Platting Authority within Bastrop County

City of Austin

City of Bastrop

City of Elgin

City of Mustang Ridge

City of Smithville

Village of Webberville


Bastrop County Subdivision Regulations

Bastrop County Subdivision Regulations - Revised April 24, 2017

Conservation Subdivision Guidelines - Lost Pines Habitat Conservation Plan, Appendix C

SUPERSEDED - Bastrop County Subdivision Regulations - Revised March 24, 2014



Preliminary Plan

    Less than 5 lots:                              $400 + $50/lot

    5-50 lots:                                         $500 + $450/lot

    51-100 lots:                                     $500 + $450/lot

    101-200 lots:                                   $500 + $450/lot

    >200 lots:                                        $500 + $450/lot

Preliminary Plan (with Floodplain)

    Less than 5 lots:                              $600 + $50/lot

    5-50 lots:                                         $800 + $450/lot

    51-100 lots:                                     $800 + $450/lot

    101-200 lots:                                   $800 + $450/lot

    >200 lots:                                        $800 + $450/lot

 Subdivision Construction Plan Review

    $30/lot+$1/LF of Road

Short Form Final Plat and Plat Revision/Amendment

    $200 per application + $100 per lot or Unit

Final Plat

    $1,000 per application

Vacation of ROW/Easements/Plats

    $100 per application

Public Notice

    $100 per application + actual cost


    $500 each


    $100 each

Construction Inspection

    3.5% of Construction Cost