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A Bastrop County Driveway Permit is required to construct a driveway or to modify an existing driveway on a county-maintained roadway and a roadway maintained by WCID#2.  If the proposed driveway is located on a state highway, the applicant should contact the local TxDOT office and TxDOT will issue the driveway permit.  Bastrop County does not issue driveway permits on privately maintained roads or other roadways not maintained by the County other than WCID#2. 


The Bastrop County Development Services Office accepts driveway permit applications and issues driveway permits.  For review fees, please click here.  Acceptable methods of payment include check, money order or credit card with a 3% processing fee. Cash is not accepted.


No construction work on the driveway shall be performed in the County right of way until a driveway permit has been issued by Bastrop County and the permit is posted on site.


A driveway must be constructed in accordance with the driveway permit and all applicable regulations. The County may review the driveway construction to determine if it is acceptable or if modifications are needed. A driveway will be considered an authorized permitted driveway installation only after construction has been completed in accordance with the permit and the construction has been determined to be satisfactory to the County.


A permit will expire upon completion of the project or after three years have elapsed from the date the permit was issued, whichever occurs first if construction has started or after 180 days if construction of the driveway has not started. 


Driveway Design and Location

The Bastrop County Driveway Standards set forth the requirements for design, location and spacing of access driveways.



Drainage in roadside ditches shall not be altered or impeded. Additionally, the driveway shall be designed and constructed in a manner that does not impede the flow of water.  If a driveway culvert is required to facilitate drainage, the property owner is required to specify the appropriate culvert size and provide supporting documentation as part of the application.


As part of the permitting process, the County will evaluate the proposed driveway location.   If the County determines that the proposed driveway location causes safety concerns, the County will work with the applicant to determine a new location.


Construction and Maintenance

The permittee shall furnish all materials necessary for the construction of the access driveways and is responsible for the construction of the driveway in accordance with the permit.  Maintenance of the driveway and culvert is the responsibility of the property owner.  However, the County reserves the right to remove any culvert causing erosion and adverse drainage impacts.