9-1-1 Addressing

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Bastrop County Information Technology Department's GIS Division issues address assignment for the unincorporated areas of the County.  For public safety purposes, it is crucial for each residential and

commercial structure to be assigned a valid and unique address.



Response times are currently longer than usual.

Additional resources have been allocated to address requests

and inquiries.  We are diligently working as quickly as possible.

Your patience is appreciated.



Request New Address Assignment

A property owner, or their authorized agent, may request an address assignment through the County's MyGovernmentOnline (MGO) portal (click here to open MGO Customer Help Guide) or by submitting a completed Development Application to Bastrop County's Development Services Department located at
211 Jackson Street in Bastrop, Texas 78602.  An address assignment is provided at no cost; however,
compliance with development related regulations (i.e.: DevelopmentDrivewayOn-Site Sewage FacilityFloodplain, and Land Division/Subdivision, etc.) may be required.  
Confirm Existing Address Assignment 
To obtain written confirmation of an existing address assignment, submit a Request Form to
public.information@co.bastrop.tx.us, or by using another method outlined here.  Please include a detailed description of the location to enable us to accurately identify and locate the address assignment.  Helpful descriptive information may include one or more of the following:  address (if known); Bastrop Central Appraisal District property identification number; brief legal description; land owner name; GPS coordinates (latitude/longitude); distance (in feet) the nearest intersection and/or address; location map; or other descriptive location information. 
Display the County Assigned Address

Knowing and displaying a valid address helps 9-1-1, dispatchers, and emergency service responders find the correct location in the event of an emergency.

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