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Dignity, respect, and decorum are essential to a proper courtroom atmosphere. The following requirements pertain to all parties entering the courtroom.

 Food or drink in the courtroom is not permitted;

 Cell phones and pagers must be turned off or set on silent, and all calls must be taken outside the courtroom;

 Private conversations in the courtroom must be kept to a minimum and not interfere with any proceeding;

 Please remove all hats or other headgear when entering the courtroom;

 Please remove any unruly children from the courtroom;

 Inappropriate gestures or remarks will not be tolerated;

 Proper dress code must be adhered to, for example:

 No exposed midriffs or suggestive clothing;

 No tank tops or halter style garments;

 No excessively low rise jeans, pants, skirts, or shorts;

 No exposed undergarments;

 No garments with offensive slogans or advertising alcohol or drugs
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