Dangerous Tree Removal

Dangerous Tree Removal Update

Bastrop County in concert with FEMA, Go Green and several sub-contractors are in the final stages of the tree removal program. There are approximately 17,000 trees that remain a threat to the public and may fall into the County Roads.  We are systematically cutting and removing trees by zones in a north to south fashion.  Bluebonnet is also in the process of removing the remaining burnt trees that may fall into a power line.  We are coordinating our efforts.  Trees that are numbered are the trees that the county has identified and trees that are tagged with a round circle have been marked by bluebonnet electric. The county estimates the operation will be completed within 90 working days which will take 15-18 weeks, subject to a variety of factors, including weather.  If residents notice a tree that appears to be an imminent threat of falling into a County road, please call the assistant to the Commissioners during regular business hours at 581-4000.  If a tree has fallen across a county road please call the Bastrop County Sherriff dispatch 911.